BNT NZ SuperTourers

About Us

The BNZ NZ SuperTourers Series delivers NZ’s top racing – featuring the country’s best drivers, in exceptionally high-performance vehicles.


We wanted to avoid past instances where it only took one manufacturer (Ford Sierra, Nissan Skyline) to decide that they wanted to win the title at all costs to effectively turn it into a one-make series. Hence the common engine, ECU, gearbox, suspension and aero package – regardless of the car’s ‘badge’ or make.


The cars rely on driver ability, set up and team strategy to be at the front. Great racing and controlled budgets is what the series is all about – not forgetting the mighty roar of a full race V8. In the heat of action, each car gives a spine-tingling performance. Multiply that by 20 cars and the results are truly captivating.


Featuring a field brimming with champions and more than 100 national motorsport titles, each series is a hard-fought battle for supremacy that grows by the day.


Stay up-to-date with the live results and video, or better yet – shout yourself tickets and see all the action live.