BNT NZ SuperTourers

About - NZ SuperTourer

With a 275km/h top speed and lap times just as fast as the V8 Supercars, these are cars built for great racing action where great drivers shine.

The NZ SuperTourers’ 7-litre engines are hand-build in the USA, subjected to rigorous testing, and boast 565HP and 690Nm of torque – all wrapped up in the latest model Ford and Holden body shells.

Each engine is treated as an individual unit and designated to a skilled engine builder (whose name is affixed to the engine plate). They’re hot-tested in a 20-minute run cycle upon completion, and a number of test engines had to survive 300 hours running on an engine dyno with a wide-open throttle.

Expertly designed, carefully crafted, breathtakingly fast and satisfyingly loud, these are magnificent machines to watch in action – come experience the thrill for yourself!

Find out more about the NZ SuperTourers engine specs and regulations:

Download NZ SuperTourers 2014/2015 regulations.

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