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Chris Hanley

CAR 27 - Chris Hanley

Team: PSR West
Town/City of origin: Auckland
Currently living in: Auckland
Date of birth: 26 July 1990
Age at January 2014: 23
Sponsors: The Sound, Placemakers Cook Street, Milwaukee, The Mad, Butcher, PIC Insurance Brokers, AC Diggers
Major successes:  2011-12 NZV8 Ute Racing:
• 2nd Overall
• 1st Holden
• 5 Race wins, 4 fastest laps, 1 pole position

2013 NZV8 Ute Racing
• Championship Winner
• 1st Holden
• 5 Pole Positions, 5 Round Wins, 13 Race Wins, 22 Podium Places .
• 1 Lap Record

Official Charity:
Sweet Louise
Favourite saying/motto:
If you aint first you’re last.
You have any strange pre-race rituals?   Nope
Favourite band or musician:
Mayer Hawthorne
What food do you hate? Bananas
What type of restaurant and menu items would you recommend for a group outing? Japanese or Italian
What is your current phone or computer wallpaper? The ‘misses’ on my phone. The race car on my computer.
What are you afraid of? Falling out of trees…
Are you a romantic or is that only for the movies? Oh I do what I can…
You have one movie genre to watch, is it going to be Action, Drama, Bio, Comedy, Sci-fi?  Definitely comedy
Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars
Did you grow up as a conformer or a rule breaker?  Depends how stupid the rule is….
What about now?  Nothing’s changed!
If you could go back to school to focus on one subject, what would it be?  Physics
If you knew that the world would end tomorrow at midnight – what you spend the day doing? I would spend it with all the people that I love.
What is a song title that describes you? Welcome to the jungle
If written today what would the title of your biography be? Are we there yet?
What really grinds your gears….
The biggest one would have to be Sunday drivers and people who do well under the speed limit in the fast lane
If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be? I’m not responsible enough to own a pet. I can hardly look after myself.
If you were to come back as an animal in another life what would it be? A cat. Free food, awesome lifestyle.
What three items would you grab from a sinking ship to take with you to the deserted island? A lighter, a fishing rod and a knife.
You’ve just won two prizes:

The first is for an all-expense paid holiday for 3 days anywhere in the world – where are you going?

Monaco Grand Prix.
The second is to spend one day at one sporting event, on the sideline, in a corporate box, or in a chopper looking down – what are you choosing? Bathurst in a chopper would be pretty cool.
List three of your all-time favourite cartoons:  

Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh were all pretty important parts of my childhood.


Who is the greatest superhero? Goku.
Did man really land on the moon? Yes
You can call him: “Chris”
Follow him: facebook

Hanley carChris Hanley