BNT NZ SuperTourers


Media guidelines for use of BNT NZ SuperTourers logo, branding and titles:

 (see below for those wishing to apply for media accreditation)

Written: The series is known as the ‘BNT NZ SuperTourers’. Note the spacing between words and capital ‘T’ in SuperTourers. As a business name it is known as NZ SuperTourers Limited 2013.

Titles: Chairman of the Board, Ray Noonan, or Ray Noonan, chairman of the board, NZ SuperTourers trading as NZ SuperTourers 2013 Limited.

Chief Executive Officer Ray Noonan, or Ray Noonan, chief executive officer.
Other titles:
Media manager, Freddy Foote.
Event Management - Motorsport Operations, Gary Lathrope.
Technical Delegate, Steven Gillard.
Chief Scrutineer, Mark Sheehan.
IT Manager, Lance Hastie.
General Manager sales and marketing, Mike Marsden.

Use of NZ SuperTourers logo:
To save confusion over scaling and image placement, high-resolution examples of the logo images shown below can be downloaded to suit black or colour backgrounds. These images must remain in their current form and layout, and not be behind any other image or logo. Please contact if you require any logo in EPS format.

Download the NZ SuperTourers branding guidelines.

Download NZ SuperTourers horizontal logo.

Download NZ SuperTourers vertical logo.

For media enquiries please contact NZ SuperTourer Media Delegate

Freddy Foote:

phone: 0274 960 260.

Those wishing to apply for media accreditation must complete the online form. Click for more information…