BNT NZ SuperTourers

2 minutes with Simon Evans 

Q: We know you as a racing driver, what is your day job(s)?

A: I work for the Giltrap family. I am at the Giltrap Audi dealership doing sales. I also do a lot of work with Downforce, the driver training company. We do things like track days with Audi, Audi Ice Experience, and advanced driver training experiences with other brands.


Q: How did you start out in motor racing? What was your first race car?

A: I started off in karts when I was about 7 or 8. My first race in a car was when I was 15 and I did the formula Vee 1 hour race at Manfeild with Sabre Motorsport.


Q: There is obviously quite a lot of history with the Evans name in motorsport, do you remember much of watching your father Owen race when you were younger?

A:Yeah I have lots of memories from the track. Even back to when he raced the Mcdonalds Alfa Romeo! I think the first race meeting I ever went to was the Wellington street race but I can’t quite remember that!


Q: What’s your favourite track in NZ and why?

A: Ruapuna near Christchurch, its tight and technical.


Q: When you’re not in a car and racing, what do you like to do?

A: Relaxing with my dog Max and chilling out with friends.


Q: Who is your motorsport hero?

A: When I was growing up I always loved watching Michael Schumacher and Greg Murphy. It’s crazy to think I am now racing against Murph. At the moment, I look up to Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso in Formula 1.


Q: Yourself and the Smeg Holden are going very well so far this season, what do you put it down to?

A: As a team we have all been together since day one. We have been chipping away slowly learning how to get the most out of a NZ SuperTourer. In 2013 we showed some good pace in the races but luck didn’t really go our way and I really struggled to get the most out of qualifying. So in the off season we did some testing, changed a couple of things in the way I drive the car and this year we have been right there. I don’t think we have reinvented the wheel or anything, it’s just basic stuff, prepare and practice.


Q: What is the secret to getting the best out of a NZ SuperTourer?

A: They are an easy car to “overdrive” so being smooth I believe is key.


Q: What is the secret to a good lap at Pukekohe?

A: You have to be committed for sure. The hill is blind, the car is on such a knife edge as we are doing over 180kph and it just wants to let go. But the bumps can make it difficult as well. So being half a metre off line can really throw the car off the track.


Q: Any surprises in the season so far? Stand out drivers?

A: I think everyone has stepped up this season. Last season Murph dominated so everyone else on the grid has worked hard to try get to that level.


Q: What’s in the future for Simon Evans racing wise?

A: Ideally I would love to try get overseas whether it be Australia in the Dunlop Series or V8 Supercars, or even try do some endurance stuff further afield. It’s hard now with money becoming such a big factor overseas though.


Q: Describe yourself in three words.

A: Easy-going, fun, realistic