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Moore’s Rebuild Paying Off

In the world of motorsport the off-season is a critical time for rebuilding the car and looking for opportunities to find that extra one hundredth of a second. In the M3 camp that was definitely happening with all three cars but it was driver Richard Moore who was undergoing a major rebuild.

Unbeknown to many people, despite finishing third in the Sprint series and beating teammate and overall winner, Greg Murphy in the last race, in what commentators called ‘the race of the season’, Moore spent much of the season in pain.

“It certainly was a challenging time. There’s no doubt when I was racing the adrenaline would kick in and that kills most of the pain but if I am really honest it did take its toll on me throughout the season. Finishing third definitely helped ease that pain and of course the win in the last race was a great feeling. The worst part of the whole palaver was the lost sleep, lying awake at night unable to get any sort of quality sleep really takes its toll, mentally and physically.”

Moore was experiencing what is called a herniation of the disk between his L5 and S1 vertebrae in his spine. Put simply, at some point his disk had burst open and the fluid inside formed a bulge or growth which put pressure on the nerve running the length of his left hip to his foot.

The day after the last race of the Sprint series, Moore was admitted to hospital for a two hour operation called a discectomy that is administered under a general anaesthetic.

“I wanted to make the most of the off-season, giving myself time to recover properly to be as close to 100% as possible for the Endurance series.”

As far as spinal procedures are concerned, the operation is relatively simple with Moore sporting only an 8cm scar to show for it. However he admits he was pretty sore afterwards as a result of a small portion of the vertebrae removed, muscle being cut and a nerve moved from its natural position, all in order to actually remove the bulge.

Moore had many well-wishes on social media before the operation and we’re told when he came to in recovery his first request to the nurse was to bring him his phone so he could post on Twitter and Facebook.

“In my defence I had just come out of a general anaesthetic and was still quite groggy but my followers are very supportive of me, I was ecstatic the op had gone so well and I wanted to share the news with them.”

Working with Warriors’ nutritionist, Lee-Anne Wann, Moore prepared his body for surgery taking supplements to help with reducing inflammation and to assist him with absorbing nutrients from food. With her fitness professional hat on she analysed Moore in the car observing exactly how he raced.

“Lee-Anne described to me that I needed my core to be like steel but my hands and feet to be like feathers. She designed a programme especially for me as a racing car driver – enhancing my power and strength in my core but allowing my limbs to react faster than ever before.  Even after just a few weeks I felt an amazing improvement in my recovery, I have seen a massive boost in my energy levels and my strength.”

Fresh off a round winning weekend at Hampton Downs, Moore and driving partner Tim Slade are itching for the grand finale Fuchs 500 at Pukekoke.

“There’s something extra special about racing at Puke, the crowds are so big and passionate and I love the track, I know it so well. Obviously the pace we had at Hampton was great and we need to carry that through. I think we are pretty confident now as the leading M3 racing car for the past two rounds that we can take it to Simon and Shane and win the Endurance Championship, I can’t wait.”